About Me

CandaceHi, I am excited that you found me! Usually when looking for a makeup artist that means something exciting is happening in your life, so ahead of time I have to say, Congratulations!

My name is Candace; I have been a makeup artist for 11 years and feel passionately about complimenting special events with my artistry. I have worked and traveled with MAC Cosmetics from the beginning of my career and have been heavily trained through their professional artistry standards. I have extensive experience with backstage runway makeup, on set makeup, special event makeup, beauty pageant makeup, studio work as well as my favorite the more personal events like weddings. I am confident that I can help you celebrate your events by making you look your best!

Makeup for me is an outlet in which I am blessed to be able to help others express themselves and look their best for whatever special occasion I may be doing their makeup for. The most exciting part is getting to know each of my clients and learning exactly how they like to look and feel, and then being able to create that for them. The best part of my job is that usually when a makeup artist is needed that means there is a special occasion, and for me to be a part of that, and be the person that supports you, is the best. I am thankful to help anyone feel their best and hope that I can complement you through your occasions as well.

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