Pamela and Brock

Pamela’s wedding took place in the country by a lake in the middle of summer. She wanted to capture an element of her lifestyle that she described as rustic and country, yet still glamorous. Looking at her photos, I feel as though she captured just that. This was such a fun wedding! She had a fairly large bridal party and I was able to spend the day with them, creating looks that would perfectly compliment the wedding as well as their bright purple bridesmaid’s dresses. I think the most important part of styling a bride is creating a look that encompasses who they are as well as keeps the makeup timeless and romantic. I love each of Pamela’s photos and think she made a gorgeous bride!

Photography by Rachel Olsen Photography


Jamie and Jeff

Jamie and Jeff had a beautiful spring wedding at the end of April. This wedding had a very fun and sweet feel since it had various elements that were specific to the couple and their passions. The bride was very talented in crafting and designing most of the details, including the ribbon bouquets, herself. The groom, who is an artist, added his personal touches too. If you look close enough, you will see the bridal party wearing jewelry that feature a fairytale portrait of themselves. This was such a special event because there were so many personal touches and I was left feeling inspired and thankful to add in my own artistry, through makeup, to such a beautiful occasion!

Photography by Russell Perkins Photography

Judi and Kori

This was a very special wedding that happened to fall in the “off season”. But not just the wedding off-season, the groom is a professional football player so the wedding had to fall somewhere between the Super Bowl and training camp. The wedding was set for February and coincided with the largest snow storm of the year. Though not many brides would have appreciated the weather, it really did compliment their photos perfectly. The bride, as well as her bridesmaids, chose traditional yet sultry looks for their makeup. Each of them designed their own looks based on how they felt most comfortable, and I found the balance that still kept uniformity for photos. The outcome was beautiful for this entire bridal party!

Liz and Mark

This wedding was so fun! Liz chose to have a backyard wedding in August. To not have to restrict her guest list, her neighbors allowed for her to temporarily take down the fence between the houses and create her own venue that would fit all of her friends and family. Her garden style wedding made a beautiful background that I used for inspiration to do her large bridal parties makeup. This wedding was so fun and unique that it was featured on Paper Moon Weddings. I love how she created an event that was just her style and didn’t let any obstacles get in her way.

Photography by Harper Point Photography